Kim/Carolyn Loucks

Carolyn and Kim Loucks, with nearly seven decades of combined educational experience, have spent twenty years as presenters at numerous state, national and regional conferences. The Loucks current work is with the consulting firm, Teaching and Learning Connected . TLCs mission is to make teaching more successful, learning more fun and connect students and teachers successfully to both.

Kim has many years of experience as a staff development specialist and a secondary mathematics teacher. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from the State University of New York, and graduate degrees in educational administration and supervision. Carolyn, also a product of the State University of New York with undergraduate and graduate degrees in social studies education, and administration has worked as a secondary social studies teacher and as an Assistant Superintendent for Instruction: Data, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator.

Kim Loucks has conducted several workshops in mathematics with and for Math Matters, Inc. at state conferences including workshops on using math games to improve concept development and reasoning abilities, most recently in New York, Virginia and Texas. Kim and Carolyn reside in North Carolina